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All drawings, models, simulations, and animation by me (unless noted otherwise). 

Tyrannosaur model and rig created by Robert Dewit.

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All drawings and creature animation by me. Krill, copepod, and other zooplankton models created, rigged and textured by me. Plane model re-textured by myself.

Bowhead Whale model and rig created by Motion Cow.

Complete skin color and bump map re-texture by myself.

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2013 BFA Thesis Animation non-verbally exploring the issue of cultural shock, family bonds and trying to fit in in a strange new world.

All animation elements by myself, unless noted otherwise in film credits.

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In 2014 I discovered a leash of wild fox kits on campus, and returned to sit quiet and still every night at dusk,. They eventually grew comfortable enough to sniff me and play around me, so I brought my camera to get a very personal look at wild foxes.

I live in Fairbanks Alaska, where the World Ice Art Championship takes place. This year will be my third time competing competitively. It is a lot of fun, but requires a lot of disicpline, patience, toughness, and warm clothes.

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